Sports Gallery

2003-10-10 After the game against Hannover 96
(football team of the German first division)

Puenting in Asturias

2003-10-11 Next day in the national newspaper "Bild-Zeitung" (most read one in Germany)

2008-09-02 Sky-diving in Taupo, New Zealand

2003-05 Lipari, Italy

2010-06-16 Diving in the Molokini Crater in Maui (Hawaii)

2010-11-07 New York City Marathon (3h27'43'')

2003-06-03 Hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro

2010-03-29 Thorong La summit pass at 5,416 metres in the Annapurna (Himalaya, Nepal)

2010-01-03 Motor Diper - Champions Supercup 2009

Deloitte Team - Champions of the Deloitte International Championship (2012-07-14), RC-Sport Inter-Entreprise Madrid League and Play-off (2012) and RC-Sport International Inter-Enterprise Champions Tournament (2012-07-07)

Snowboarding in Innsbruck, Austria

Rafting in Costa Rica

2002-07-12 Capoeira exhibition in Madrid

2008-12-31 Silversterlauf in Hannover

2009-05-03 Half-Marathon in Hannover (1h29'17'')