Teaching activities at Leibniz Universität Hannover

  • Software Lab, Winter Semester 2008-2009

Teaching activities at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Tutorials / Lectures at Conferences & Research Schools

  1. Asian Semantic Web School, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2008. Lecturer.

  2. “Rule-Based Policy Representation and Reasoning for the Semantic Web” in the Reasoning Web Summer School, Dresden, Germany, September 2007. Lecturer.

  3. Trust and Security in Learning Networks. In Learning Networks in Practice Conference, organized by the Master of Science programme in Active Learning and the Learning Technology Development Programme of the Educational Technology Expertise Centre. Open University Netherlands, Distance Learning, May 2007. Lecturer.

  4. “Introduction to the Semantic Web” in The TENCompetence Winter School, Innsbruck, Austria, January 2007. Lecturer.